REGOs: Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin in the UK

For tracking and reporting renewable electricity consumption in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, companies need to purchase Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). After the UK's exit from the EU, REGOs are the only documents that enable businesses to claim ownership of clean energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and meet renewable energy objectives. 


How REGOs work 

When power plants in the UK generate 1 MWh of renewable energy, they issue a REGO with the date, location, and technology of production, among other details. Companies purchase REGOs to substantiate clean energy consumption claims and document decreased GHG emissions. These certificates are then redeemed by a single owner through a closed electronic registry. 

REGOs permit consumers to track the origin of electricity, support renewable sources, and align with environmental standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. They are also used by electricity suppliers to comply with fuel mix disclosure requirements.  

REGOs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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REGOs allow your company to:

  • Document consumption of renewables and reliably claim GHG emissions reductions.
  • Trace the origin of electricity and choose between technologies like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, or bioenergy.
  • Comply with corporate environmental standards.
  • Follow UK regulation on renewable energy and improve your sustainability rating.
  • Become more attractive to investors, customers, and prospective employees.
  • Contribute towards the  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Buying REGOs with Ecohz

We simplify how companies procure clean electricity and provide them with the best energy mix according to their needs. 

1. Based on your location and volume of consumption, we discuss how we can help you reach your renewable energy ambitions.

2. You receive an offer with a specific rate and expiry date. Upon acceptance, we secure the quoted price.

3. Once the offer is accepted, we deliver a standardised contract.

4. We provide you with an invoice and documentation for reporting.

Why purchase REGOs

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) are market-based instruments that increase the momentum of renewable energy. They enable companies to select renewables and contribute to the development of the clean energy industry.  

Consuming documented renewable electricity also makes businesses more appealing to investors. It proves organisations are reducing climate-related risks and shows support for global sustainability objectives, building loyalty with an increasing share of environmentally minded customers. 

The price of REGOs

The REGO market is volatile and subject to multiple pressures. Weather patterns, policy changes, and supply-demand dynamics can affect the price of the certificates. 

In 2023, REGOs saw heightened volatility, with sharp price increases. While future developments are hard to predict, Ecohz’ sourcing team monitors the market constantly to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solution.

Who regulates REGOs

REGOs are issued and governed by Ofgem, Great Britain’s independent energy regulator. Ofgem manages the REGO scheme for generation in Great Britain on behalf of the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, and in Northern Ireland on behalf of the Northern Irish Utility Regulator (UR). 

As the UK is no longer part of the European single market, REGOs can only be used domestically and are the only valid documentation for renewable energy consumption in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

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RE100 tightens criteria for renewables and adjusts European market boundaries

RE100's new technical criteria enter into force on 1 January 2024, raising standards for renewable energy sources, redefining European market boundaries, and setting a limit on the commissioning date of green power plants. 


Consume renewable energy meeting requirements of specific standards or ecolabels. Buy Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) from power plants that meet stricter environmental standards and are verified by an external auditor. Choose between national or international ecolabels and standards, document the age and type of the power plant, technology and unique operational focus, and raise funds for renewable energy projects.

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