TÜV SÜD – EE01 is a German ecolabel that promotes the use of new power plants, a mix of technologies and payments to support funds. TÜV Süd manages the ecolabel.

Buying Guarantees of Origin with this ecolabel guarantees that the renewable energy adheres to the ecolabel’s requirements.



Focus areas

Electricity products eligible for TÜV Süd CMS Standard 80 certification must meet one out of the three criteria options for the new renewables requirement:

Option 1: New renewables requirement: At least 30% of the energy agreed in the contracts for the delivery of renewable energy is derived from new generation power plants less than three years old.

Option 2: Support funds: The certificate holder pays at least EUR 0.02 per KWh or EUR 2 per MWh electricity consumed, with the money being invested in a support fund.

Option 3 Technology mix: To fulfil this option the supplier needs to fulfil the following minimum share of their electricity contracts from the following technologies:

  • Hydropower less than 2 MW: 15%
  • Wind power: 20%
  • Solar energy, Geothermal, biomass, biogas/biomethan smaller than 2 MW: 5%
  • The plants must have been commissioned after 1 January 2000.

The power plants cannot receive any production support.

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Biogas with wind SOME

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