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Our story

For over two decades, Ecohz has pioneered the world of renewable electricity. Harnessing that experience, we work to facilitate companies' journey to net zero by tailoring sustainability solutions.

Our environmental toolbox comprises documented renewable energy, carbon credits, biogas, and digital platforms. But more than putting tools at your disposal, we offer a unique blend of expertise and advise you every step of the way.

In short, we are here to make decarbonisation easy because we believe that simplicity enables urgent climate action – and that what is good for the planet is good for your business too.

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Mission, vision and values

Mission Vision Values


Our mission is to help global businesses reduce their emissions and improve their attractiveness with tailored sustainability solutions.


Changing energy behaviour – that is our vision. Renewable energy is our ticket to a more sustainable and energy-secure future. Ecohz wants to be a game changer and drive the industry forward.

We believe that change needs to happen on many levels. On a global and national scale, we must stimulate major shifts in energy systems and infrastructure, enabling a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. We also need to expand access to renewables at a local level and educate on the importance of reducing energy consumption.

As a company and individuals, we strive to show we are serious about taking the lead by changing our own behaviour. We believe our people, who represent an impressive pool of expertise, are the key to succeeding in our endeavour.


Ecohz employees share a keen understanding of the market and are guided by a common set of values – to be dynamic, open, personal, and empowering.

  • Dynamic: We operate in a complex and fast-paced category. Thus, we need to be nimble in our processes and solutions.

  • Open: We are committed to transparency in our work and our collaborations with partners and clients.

  • Personal: Our experts tailor simple solutions to complex challenges, guiding customers from start to finish.

  • Empowering: We strive to empower our customers to take climate action, and we do this by sharing our expertise and developing self-service digital tools.

Large portfolio

With a portfolio of more than 800 power plants across six continents, we deliver a range of renewable electricity solutions and decarbonisation products such as biogas, carbon credits, and Scope 3 digital platforms. 

Ecohz is an independent provider with worldwide partnerships and over 400 international clients. Our expertise and more than 20 years of experience have attracted corporate clients such as BT, Tetra Pak, Signify, Carlsberg, H&M, KBN Bank and Unilever.

Our net-zero mission in numbers

86 %

The satisfaction rate among our clients.

50 TWh

The volume of documented renewable electricity we sell globally in a single year.

800 +

We source source renewable electricity from over 800 power plants in six continents.

21 years

We have been in the business of reducing emissions for more than two decades.


The core of our business

Our goal is to enable a more rapid transition to a low-carbon society. We pursue this by engaging on different levels: providing products, improving frameworks, and forming partnerships for innovation.

We believe there is a clear correlation between how a business is run and its relationship with society. As a company and as individuals, we strive to show that we are serious about taking the lead by changing our own behaviour.

We take sustainability seriously and have an ambitious agenda

  • Ecohz takes special responsibility for communicating through its own actions the need for – and benefits of – carrying on commercial activities in a sustainable manner.
  • Sustainability is a key component of all decision-making within the organisation.
  • Prioritising sustainability secures Ecohz a long-term competitive advantage and is motivational for customers’ choice of partner.
  • Ecohz complies with, and where possible exceeds, the requirements set out in relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Ecohz is committed to leading activities intended to minimise its local and global environmental impact.
Renewable energy
Public-private partnerships
CO2 compensation


Ecohz is part of industry organisations that maximise our impact and contribute to meeting our customers’ needs and goals, such as Renewables Norway, RECS and CEBA. 

Financial Information

Our business is taking companies to net zero. To that end, we have strengthened the team, expanded our reach, and developed client-centric digital platforms to help companies reduce emissions. This is where our journey has taken us so far.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an integral part of the formal governance regime at Ecohz. This Code defines the core principles and ethical standards that form the basis for how we create value in our company.

Responsible business conduct

Ecohz acts and reports in compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, which ensures companies provide decent working conditions and observe human rights throughout their own operations, supply chains, and partnerships.

Our team

We are 30 employees located in Oslo, Norway and Nyon, Switzerland. Ecohz employees share both a keen understanding of the market as well as being guided by a common set of values – dynamic, open, personal, and empowering.

Show all Sourcing Marketing Sales R&D Sales Delivery Finance Other
Adrien Mathys Renewable Portfolio Manager
Alex Ruelas Content Manager
Anne Kirsti Melhus Human Resource Advisor
Arturo Sanchez Senior Key Account Manager
Bjørn Erik Myrland Supply Chain Portal Manager
Christian Sternell Chief Technology Officer
Cyril Bricaud Chief Sales Officer
Erick Bottino Senior Originator
Hana Keyvanzad Sales Support
Hans Navarro Market Analyst
Heidi Jakobsen Head of Partner Sales Delivery
Hugo Malfit Originator
Ivar Munch Clausen Director Business Development
Jacob Ranta Managing Director Ecohz Inc.
Janne Svendsen Moe Chief Marketing Officer
John Ravlo Senior Director Partner Sales
Kamila Herezinska Software Product Manager
Kjetil Røneid Chief Business and Portfolio Officer
Line Riise Jensen Chief Market Development Officer
Luisa Olivi Insights Manager
Madeleine Mowinckel Net Zero Advisor
Marine Mouilleron International Senior Originator
Mark Edlbauer Renewable Sourcing Manager
Nils Holta Net Zero Advisor
Noah Altamirano Senior Renewable Energy Specialist
Patrik Lerud Senior Key Account Manager
Peter Bloor Director Corporate Sales
Pia Halse Sales Delivery Manager
Preben Munch Senior Director Sales & Solutions
Ross Pierson Senior Renewable Energy Specialist
Rubicca Nagalingam Junior Controller
Stine Kristiansen Chief Financial Officer
Tom Lindberg Chief Executive Officer
Uliana Mohyletska Digital Marketing Manager
Yu Wen Head of Corporate Sales Delivery

Are you ready to tackle urgent climate challenges with us? 

We are continuously on the lookout for talented people – do not hesitate to get in touch.


Strawberry Equities AS 50.91 %
Hafslund E-CO Vannkraft Innlandet AS 12.44 %
Troms Kraft AS 12.44 %
TrønderEnergi Kraft AS 12.44 %
Kyrvatn AS 11.77 %

Board of Directors

Keneth Andersen new
Kenneth Andersen Chairman
TOm Erik Olsen
Tom Erik Olsen Board member
ole Morten
Ole Morten Nystrøm Board member

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