Investment Guarantee

We recommend this product for companies that wish to contribute to more renewable power production. ECOHZ Investment Guarantee enables a basic level of additionality.

Buying ECOHZ Investment Guarantee with Guarantees of Origin ensures that the electricity comes from a producer with current capital investments in new renewable energy capacity.

Focus areas

ECOHZ Investment Guarantee is produced by power plants, selected by ECOHZ, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • The electricity is generated from 100% renewable energy sources from hydro, wind or solar power
  • The production comes from producers with ongoing capital investments in renewable energy
  • The investments will take place in parallel with the year of the energy consumption
  • The investments will be in new power plants or in existing power plants to increase capacity.

This solution can be combined with other ECOHZ products to suit customers specific needs, for example ECOHZ Blue Power and GO².

Investment Guarantee can be rebranded to fit into the electricity supplier’s own product portfolio.

Contact ECOHZ for more information about producers’ current investments in renewable energy.