Kongsvinger hydropower in Norway

Kongsvinger is a run-of-river power plant in Kongsvinger in Hedmark; run-of-river plants capture the energy in rivers or streams without using reservoirs.

Kongsvinger ECOHZ (12) SOME


Energy source:  Hydro
Origin: Norway
Installed capacity: 42.7 MW
Annual est. production: 200 GWh
Year of commission  K2:2011, K1:1975
Operator: Eidsiva Vannkraft



The plant started production in 1975 and a new plant was built in 2011 beside the old one, with a new generator producing 21.8 MW, without affecting the water level in the river above or below the power plant. The plant utilizes the Glomma river’s 10-meter fall.

Hydropower is a clean renewable energy source. Snow and rainfall, creating streams and rivers, renew the source. Hydropower provides nearly 19% of the world’s production of power.

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This run-of-river plant produces energy using the natural river flow, rather than reservoirs or water storage. This means that electricity is produced without influencing the landscape and eco-system, and without the use of stored water causing problems to water flow in the river system.

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