Hol 1 Urunda

Hol 1 Urunda hydropower in Norway

Hol 1 Urunda is located in the southern part of Norway, midway between Oslo and Bergen. Hol is a typical mountainous region where 91% of the area is located more than 900 metres above sea level.


Hol 1 Urunda is one of three power plants in the watercourse. The plant has its headwaters in the lakes of Varaldsetvatn, Strandevatn, Stolsvatn, Bergsjø and Rødungen. These lakes are all part of the Drammen river system which flows eastward, reaching the sea at the Drammensfjord as it flows through the city of Drammen.

The power plant has a catchment area of 725 km2 and a storage capacity of 870 million m3.

The four turbines were replaced between 2009 and 2012. In 2010 a new dam replaced the old one at the main reservoir.

Hydropower is a clean renewable energy source. Snow and rainfall, creating streams and rivers that run into the ocean, renew the source. Hydropower provides up to nearly 16% of the world’s production of power.

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The power plant is located in one of Norway’s most popular tourist areas close to the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, the Hardangervidda national park. The production of hydropower has little visible impact on the landscape.

Photograph by: E-CO Energi


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