Stein Amble Haugan

Director Corporate Customers
Twitter: @Steinah
Skype: SteinInECOHZ

“For me changing energy behaviour is about adjusting the way we do business, focusing on a new low carbon economy. I truly believe that companies, which change their energy behaviour, will make a profit and be better for the future! Eventually, everyone will be forced to change, but we need to change before it’s too late. There is no plan(et) B!”

Stein works with global corporate customers, providing advice and services within renewable energy, presenting a toolbox of solutions, enabling clients meet their renewable energy targets. In addition, he is also responsible for facilitating PPAs between corporate clients and European power suppliers.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Development and Resource Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Before joining ECOHZ, Stein worked as project manager at Pemco Energy in Oslo. Prior to this, Stein worked as an advisor for ZERO – the Zero Emissions Resource Organization.