Supply Chain Portal

ECOHZ has developed a Supply Chain Portal for Renewable Energy that allows you to efficiently work renewables into your supply chain.  

The portal enables you to involve your global suppliers easy access to renewable energy with Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

Achieve zero emission electricity related supply chain


  • Configures, hosts and operates a portal facilitating your suppliers’ access to renewable energy
  • Handles information flow and transactions directly with your suppliers
  • Educates procurement teams about benefits of switching to renewables
  • Provides documentation for your Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 3 reporting

The portal is customisable to fit your needs and currently available in English and Mandarin.



Contact Preben Munch for a log-in to discover the portal and experience how it can simplify your supply chain engagement.


Supply chain emissions are on average 11.4x higher than operational emissions (CDP 2020)

The portal lowers barriers for companies to create impact rapidly. Now companies can invite their supply chain into a hassle-free procurement portal for renewable energy certificates.

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