May 2023

Webinar: Mastering Scope 3 on the way to net zero

Reducing supply chain emissions is a priority for organisations with climate targets. However, it can be hard to fully grasp your Scope 3 and engage suppliers in your efforts.

Supply chain 3

In this 45-minute webinar, our supply chain experts and special guest Carin Ivarsson, Director of Alliances at SupplyShift, explain how to get a grip on your Scope 3 and guide your value chain partners in a renewable energy transition.

On the agenda:

  • Why Scope 3 is crucial in your net-zero efforts
  • Getting started: challenges with measuring and gathering data 
  • Communicating with suppliers 
  • How to simplify complex processes for your suppliers
  • What do suppliers expect?

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Speakers in the session

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Preben Munch
Senior Director Sales & Solutions

Bjørn Erik Myrland
Supply Chain Portal Manager

Supply Chain Portal

Most of your company's greenhouse gas emissions come from your supply chain. Ecohz developed a digital platform that enables companies to reduce Scope 3 emissions and gives suppliers easy access to documented renewable energy.

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