Supply Chain Portal

Ecohz has developed a dedicated platform that enables companies to seamlessly work renewables into their supply chain. Through our Supply Chain Portal your suppliers can purchase renewable energy allowing you to reduce your Scope 3 emissions.

Decarbonising your supply chain  

Reducing your Scope 3 emissions has never been this simple. Ecohz provides your suppliers with documented renewable energy in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As a brand owner you set renewable energy targets for your suppliers, monitor their progress, and access reports.

With Ecohz' Supply Chain Portal, you can: 

  • Give your suppliers easy access to Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).      
  • Introduce your suppliers to a simple procurement cycle with three easy and transparent steps, from inquiry to delivery. 
  • Set renewable energy targets for your suppliers and visualise progress. 
  • Produce detailed reports according to your needs.  
  • Effortlessly onboard new suppliers and manage set-ups and requirements with a few clicks.


Ecohz' ongoing support 

Using our Supply Chain Portal means we become your strategic partners. You can trust Ecohz to facilitate all processes relating to supply chain decarbonisation and have personal support at any point. 

What we do for you: 

  • Personalised onboarding
    Ecohz runs a customised enrolment programme, including platform setup and start-up webinars. 
  • End-to-end management
    We handle the entire procurement process, from request to cancellation.
  • Streamlined communication
    Ecohz manages all information flows and transactions directly with your suppliers to become your central point of contact.
  • Upskilling
    Ecohz can educate your procurement teams on the benefits of switching to renewables and conduct webinars for suppliers presenting EACs and the functionalities of the platform. 
  • In-house procurement
    EACs and other sustainability solutions are sourced directly from our portfolio, allowing us to guarantee the integrity of the certificates.
  • Customised technical support
    You have access to updates and new functionalities, as well as technical assistance in English and Mandarin. 

Leading change: why reduce your supply chain emissions? 

On average, Scope 3 emissions are more than 11 times higher than operational emissions. In other words, tackling greenhouse gases in their supply chain offers companies an enormous window for crucial climate action.  

 Businesses with extensive value chains can multiply their efforts by setting targets for their suppliers, leading others on the path towards sustainability.  

Why Ecohz

Ecohz has pioneered the world of renewable electricity for two decades. We are now pouring our expertise into digital platforms that simplify our client’s journey to net zero.   

We believe having access to the right tools facilitates urgent climate action. Our platforms build a closer relationship with our clients, helping businesses take swift sustainability measures by customising our offering to their needs.  


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