GO² projects

Renewable energy is the ticket to a more sustainable business model and energy secure future. There is a massive need for building more renewable capacity to meet the established goals for replacing fossil and nuclear energy. Shrinking public budgets and national support systems, combined with tougher equity requirements for European financial institutions, have resulted in numerous renewable energy projects being put on hold. Many projects have stalled due mainly to a lack of top-financing.

ECOHZ is building a portfolio of renewable power projects across Europe that are currently lacking top-financing. With GO2 United or GO2 Signature, providing the needed top-financing, these projects can come to life.

GO2 projects fullfill the requirements:

  • Mature technology: Wind, solar, bio and hydro
  • Top-up financing, max 15% of CAPEX
  • Main financing must be in place
  • Grid connection is approved
  • Size of financing: 50,000 – 500,000 € (initial phase)
  • European country part of the Guarantees of Origin scheme
  • Independent and- /or complementary to other types of financing
  • Financing projects that would not be realized today without contribution from the ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation

Available GO² prospects

Hydro in Norway

Planned est. capacity: 3.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 9,200 MWh

Wind in Ireland

Planned est. capacity: 11.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 30,000 MWh

Bio in France

Planned est. capacity: 0.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 4,000 MWh

Hydro in Norway

Planned est. capacity: 1.3 MW
Annual est. prod.: 4,700 MWh

Solar in Sweden

Planned est. capacity: 5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 5,800 MWh

Wind in Sweden

Planned est. capacity: 4 MW
Annual est. prod.: 10,500 GWh

Completed projects