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We help you complete your sustainability reports to boost investor confidence, communicate achievements to your stakeholders, and get ahead of upcoming regulatory requirements.

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How it works?

Ecohz helps companies disclose their energy consumption and energy-related emissions according to global sustainability standards, including CDP and RE100. We also assist organisations in complying with legislation, such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Our advisors know the disclosure process inside out. Our team provides:

  • Vast knowledge of energy tracking and sustainability standards.
  • Efficient management of data coming from all energy consumption points and procurement mechanisms.
  • Upskilling for your sustainability team to boost competence.
  • Consistency across questions to maximise accuracy and improve scoring.

From gathering the necessary information to submitting the relevant documents, we guide you through the entire process to lighten your reporting burden, build your knowledge, and save you time.

What does the Energy & GHG Reporting service cover?


CDP Climate Change Questionaire

The CDP Climate Change questionnaire collects data on companies’ climate-related impacts. We guide you in answering the Energy and Emissions sections of the questionnaire to simplify data crunching, guarantee coherency, and ensure maximum attention to detail. 


Our team also provides dedicated guidance for RE100 members to fulfil the highly detailed requirements outlined on CDP’s questionnaire.


You can choose between two different services:



Our advisors share with your team the knowledge they need to report correctly. We explain:

  • How CDP works.
  • Specialised language and definitions.
  • The data you need to provide and where to find it.
  • How the questionnaire is structured and how to prepare a report.
  • Relevant deadlines.


We handle reporting tasks within the CDP Climate Change disclosure. Our team:

  • Receives the data regarding your energy consumption – types of energy, locations, volumes, types of contracts and tracking instruments, etc.– and provides guidance as needed. 
  • Organises, classifies and prepares the data for disclosure.
  • Responds to the questions pertaining to energy and emissions and prepares the responses for submission.
  • Ensures consistency across the different questions to improve scoring. 
  • Provides an exhaustive data review on a power plant-by-power plant basis for RE100 members, as per CDP requirements.

CSRD Reporting

In the EU, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Standards (CSRD) will make it mandatory for over 50,000 companies to disclose their environmental impacts and risks, starting with the financial year 2024.

Ecohz offers guidance and reporting services for the Climate Change category, which requires information such as:

  • Policies, actions, and resources directed at managing the impacts and risks related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.
  • Energy consumption mix, documented with contractual instruments.
  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • Greenhouse gas removal and mitigation projects funded through carbon credits.

Why disclose your climate and environmental impacts?

Disclosing environmental data means proving the impact of your climate efforts. As a voluntary exercise, reporting gives companies an opportunity to prove their environmental leadership and use it to build customer loyalty and investor confidence. Gathering sustainability information can also unveil hidden risks to business models and build resilience.

Meanwhile, mandatory reporting is gaining momentum. Emerging regulation requires a growing number of organisations to evaluate and communicate their role in global sustainability efforts. Starting early with these compulsory tasks can give companies a competitive edge.

Webinar: Harder, better, faster, stronger: the future of sustainability reporting

Ecohz held a series of webinars to help you keep abreast of emerging reporting obligations in the EU. Three sessions, three topics to get a grip on the new rules and unlock the opportunities of taking environmental leadership. 

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