News and insights News Ecohz expands in the US market and greenlights its new American subsidiary, Ecohz Inc.

Ecohz expands in the US market and greenlights its new American subsidiary, Ecohz Inc.

The new US-based company will meet corporate demand for net zero advisory by offering documented renewable energy, end-to-end sustainability solutions, and increased physical presence. 

Written by Ecohz
Published on 26 July 2022
Written by Ecohz
Published on 07 July 2022

26 July 2022 – Ecohz, global renewable energy and sustainability solutions provider, is broadening its presence in the United States market and establishing Ecohz Inc., a new US-based subsidiary. The outfit will harness 20 years of experience and enable a growing North American customer base to reach its net zero ambitions.  

By adding sourcing and consulting capacity focused on the US, Ecohz aims to meet the increasing demand for documented renewable electricity and sustainability solutions 

Ecohz Inc. will be fully equipped to provide full-spectrum solutions and possess extensive reach within the American geography. Simultaneously, it will maximise synergies with Ecohz’ headquarters in Oslo, Norway, merging global expertise with local leadership.  

Jacob Ranta, environmental commodities expert and renewable energy executive, will lead the project as Managing Director of Ecohz Inc. We had a chat with him about the US renewable energy market and what lies ahead for the company. 


Q&A with Jacob Ranta, Managing Director of Ecohz Inc. 

Why expand Ecohz’ operations into the United States? 

First, some facts. The government of the US, the world’s largest economy, aims to reach net zero by 2050. Analysis from Mckinsey Sustainability suggests that to achieve its national targets, the country will have to cut emissions by 6% each year. Additionally, over 400 large US-based companies have set ambitious net zero targets of their own – some of these as soon as 2030.  

The goals are in place. However, the roadmaps are much less clear. Ecohz is uniquely positioned to bridge that gap. Companies need experts in the renewable energy space to guide them towards net zero. There is not a universal solution. Ecohz brings a deep understanding of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and renewable energy alternatives that is still developing in the US market. We bring extensive know-how and tailor solutions for any company’s sustainability goals.

What kind of expertise will Ecohz Inc. bring to the US renewable energy market? 

Ecohz has built its expertise on a platform of global success over the past two decades. We already manage a renewable energy portfolio of over 50TWh that comprises energy generated from hydropower, wind power, bioenergy, solar power, and geothermal energy. Now, we plan on building upon Ecohz’ reliability as a global provider for EACs and renewable energy by strategically employing our strengths in this new territory.  

Being based in an advanced EU renewable energy market and grid will allow us to bring forward valuable experience and knowledge into a rapidly developing US market. Personally, I am thrilled to head this venture and bring forward knowledge of the US green energy landscape, as well as a track record of successful deal-making within the industry. 

What sort of services can customers expect from Ecohz Inc.? 

We will emphasize Ecohz’ core services – high-level Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) procuring and management, carbon credits, Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) with energy and fuels, and Net Zero Roadmaps. Whether it be compliance purchasing to abide by Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in a specific state, or the voluntary integration of renewables, Ecohz will be able to guide clients in their net zero transition. 

Simultaneously, we will deploy leading-edge digital solutions that will enormously simplify cutting emissions from our clients’ supply chains, regardless of their physical location. 

Ecohz Inc. is hiring. Who is the right fit to join Ecohz in this new venture? 

At Ecohz Inc., we want to continue the culture of success that the company has shown since 2002. We are looking for dynamic, high-performing Renewable Energy Specialists within the environmental commodities space. The ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of EACs and the entire renewable energy landscape within the US market, as well as competency handling customers for related products across the sales cycle.

In this competitive market, our new team members will engage in creative problem solving by leveraging the US renewable energy ecosystem – all while reacting to specific customer needs to reach their sustainability goals. They will work with prospects to uncover opportunities to expand the use of products and services that ECOHZ, Inc. provides.

We are delighted to be a part of this fast-growing industry and look forward to more people joining us in our mission to create a sustainable future. 

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About Jacob Ranta

Jacob Ranta comes from a background in engineering, where he found a passion for implementing sustainable practices across business operations. He has been navigating the renewable energy sector and working with customers looking to take bold action against climate change. He has worked extensively with global institutions to reduce their carbon footprint and has built environmental commodities trading companies from the ground up. 

Outside of work, Jacob is interested in travel, photography, sport, and design. He is fascinated with the history and evolution of the world and enjoys using curiosity to bring about creative problem-solving.  

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