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What is Net Zero

Why sustainability matters

Boost ESG profile

Sustainability reporting standards require companies to disclose their carbon footprint to give the financial market better information as basis for equity and loan.

Strengthen brand reputation

Reducing the carbon footprint of your products and services creates customer loyalty. As a supplier, cutting emissions makes you more attractive to your clients.

Win the war for talents

Future-minded business with focus on sustainability and net zero targets attract more talented employees.

Improve business value

Reducing emissions, choosing sustainability solutions and communicating actions can improve your brand's image and add value to your company.

What is net zero?

Companies of all sizes now set net zero targets in line with a 1,5 °C future — our only future — to contribute to limiting the impacts of climate change.

If you are a RE100 company committed to 100% renewable electricity, has a Science Based targets or is starting on the journey to reduce emissions we have the solutions to help you on the way.

Net zero for SoMe 2x1-1
Upcoming webinar

Biogas unlocked: exploring Gas Purchase Agreements (GPA)

Biogas is moving to the fore of corporate energy priorities. Using renewable fuel can cut carbon emissions and help companies reduce costs. However, some questions remain. How can I purchase and document biogas? Is it possible to secure long-term procurement at affordable prices? 

27 June, 10:00 – 10:30 CEST inc. Q&A

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