Ecohz Products

Specifically designed for companies that want to go above and beyond in their climate commitments. Ecohz Products increase the impact of your sustainability actions by strengthening ties with the source of clean electricity.  

Boost sustainability efforts, engage stakeholders 

We offer a portfolio of solutions that prove your sustainability commitment to clients, investors, and employees. Ecohz Products are customisable and tailored to your needs and can be combined to optimise effective action.   

Ecohz products offer multiple additional benefits, such as:  

  • Guaranteeing that renewable energy minimises its ecological impact.   
  • Promoting investments in new renewable energy capacity.  
  • Building customer loyalty and brand value by communicating social and environmental responsibility.  
  • Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ecological and social spheres.  
  • Adding credibility to corporate sustainability reporting.  
  • Improving business value and attracting future-minded investors. 

We strive to provide you with the solution that best suits your company. Ecohz Products can be combined with other services, such as our PPA Advisory, Net Zero Advisory, and Supply Chain Service.  

Ecohz offers a wide range of choices: 

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Ecohz Blue Power

Allows future-minded companies to reduce the environmental footprint of renewable energy production. Read more …

Ecohz Investment Guarantee

Ensure that electricity comes from a producer with current capital investments in new renewable energy capacity. Read more …

Renewable Energy Matching

This product ensures that renewable consumption matches with production from the same month. Read more …


Purchase renewable energy and choose a project empowering women in developing countries. Read more …

No Fossil link

This product guarantees that the owner of the power plant is not involved in fossil power production. Read more …

No Nuclear Link

No Nuclear Link ensures that the owner of the power plant is not involved in nuclear power production. Read more …