Nike Advances Renewable Energy Commitments with 100% Clean Energy Agreement in Europe

Through a new partnership with Iberdrola, an industry leader in the global clean energy economy, Nike will begin sourcing 100 percent renewable energy in Europe. Along with previously-launched partnerships between Nike and Avangrid (a subsidiary of Iberdrola) in North America, this new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will enable Nike to reach 75 percent renewable energy globally. This partnership catapults Nike ahead of the timeline that was outlined three years ago when Nike joined RE100, a coalition of businesses pledging to source 100 percent renewable energy across all operations.

“Delivering on our sustainability commitments, like working towards 100% renewable energy across our owned and operated facilities worldwide, is just one of the ways we protect the future of sport,” said Noel Kinder, Nike Chief Sustainability Officer.

“All athletes need fresh air and clean water to thrive. Without stable climates and healthy ecosystems, they can’t push to reach their potential. Without access to safe places to play and train, they can’t compete on a level playing field. We know that the future of sport is interlocked with the future of our planet. That understanding serves as our North Star for sustainability.”

Sustainability has been a priority for Nike for more than 30 years and today, sustainability is embedded in everything – from design, to product creation, to how Nike delivers product to consumers. Beyond these renewable energy commitments, Nike is also working to encourage broader adoption of clean renewable energy across the supply chain, as part of an effort to control absolute emissions throughout our supply chain.