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Trains powered by Norwegian hydropower

Bane NOR, responsible for the national railway infrastructure and the electricity supply to train companies in Norway, has entered into a new agreement ensuring that the origin of all electricity to be delivered in 2022 is Norwegian hydropower.

Written by Janne Svendsen Moe
Published on 18 January 2022
Photo: Bane NOR
Written by Janne Svendsen Moe
Published on 01 January 2022
Photo: Bane NOR

Bane NOR Energy is the unit within Bane NOR that purchases electricity in the wholesale market for the company’s own use and on behalf of the train companies in Norway. Bane NOR Energy has entered into an agreement that ensures that the entire electricity volume for 2022 originates from Norwegian hydropower, something they have done since 2007.

The renewable electricity is documented with Guarantees of Origin that are issued by the Norwegian Power System Operator, Statnett, when power producers deliver renewable electricity to the grid. The Guarantees of Origin are redeemed in Statnett's register in favour of Bane NOR Energy when the power is delivered from the grid to the trains.

To ensure an open competition for the delivery, which is required for public procurement, the broker Cleanworld was engaged to handle the procurement. Ecohz was chosen as the supplier of the Guarantees of Origin for the entire 2022 volume, which will come from selected Norwegian hydropower plants.
Small scale hydro SOME

In many European countries, including Sweden, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, trains are powered by renewable electricity. The experience from these European countries shows that renewable electricity solutions to a greater extent are becoming a part of the marketing for the various train companies.

In addition to giving the train transport a low carbon footprint, the energy solution can also affect how the companies and their business are perceived by the public, by employees and by capital providers. The choice and communication of the energy solutions, as well as the reduced carbon footprint, can affect the value of the brands, their attractiveness in the financial- and labour markets, and the overall company profiles.

Ecohz expects an increase in individually adapted renewable power solutions for the various train companies in the future.

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