Simplifying the 
path to net zero

Sell your supply

Market your renewable electricity, carbon credits, and biogas to buyers worldwide.

Our story

For over two decades, Ecohz has pioneered the world of renewable electricity. Harnessing that experience, we work to facilitate companies' journey to net zero by tailoring sustainability solutions.


Our net zero mission in numbers

86 %

The satisfaction rate among our clients.

40 TWh

The volume of renewable electricity we sell worldwide in a single year.

800 +

We source renewable electricity from over 800 power plants in six continents.

21 years

We have been in the business of reducing emissions for more than two decades.

Webinar: New procurement challenges in the I-REC market

In this 30-minute session, our advisors will cover the most relevant developments in renewable energy markets beyond Europe and North America. They will explain new policies that will impact corporate energy purchases and how to adapt using centralised and decentralised procurement strategies. 

I-REC webianr 1x1-2

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