Dramatic shift in the European renewable electricity market


The demand for renewable electricity, documented with Guarantees of Origin, continues to grow steeply in 2015. The 2015 first quarter numbers show a growth of 22 TWh compared to Q1 in 2014 – equaling an increase of 15%. The total demand for Q1 reached a record volume of 165 TWh, states the statistics from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).

ECOHZ takes pioneering step in Asian green power market


Companies increasingly want to document that the electricity they use, outside of Europe and North America, comes from renewable energy sources. ECOHZ is taking a pioneering step in the Asian green power market and is providing SGS, as the first company in the world, green power documented with the International REC Standard (I-REC). I-REC is a new global power certificate that documents renewable energy consumption. Multinational companies that buy I-REC can now, for the first time on a regional scale, document the origin of the electricity they use in their operations outside of Europe and North America. I-REC builds on best practice from the North American REC market and Europe’s Guarantees of Origin system.