Rendalen hydropower in Norway

Rendalen is an area with mountains, forests and the large Østerdalen valley, with farmland and small communities.

The power plant is located in the Østerdalen valley some 10 kilometres north of Alvdal. Rendalen was built in 2013, 200 meters from the original 1971 plant. The old plant is used as a reserve when the new one is out of operation for annual maintenance.


Rendalen exploits the water of the Glomma, the longest river in Norway, at 604 km. It flows from the mountains north of the town of Røros to the Oslo fjord at the town of Fredrikstad. Water is led 29 kilometres from the river Glomma in the Østerdalen Valley down to the power plant in the Rendalen Valley and into the river Rena. At Rena, a community located about 120 kilometres south of the intake, the diverted water flows back into the Glomma.

Hydropower is a clean renewable energy source. Snow and rainfall, creating streams and rivers that run into the ocean, renew the source. Hydropower provides to nearly 19% of the world’s production of power. Run-of-river power generation captures the energy in rivers or streams without using reservoirs.

Qualities available from this plant



This run-of-river plant produces energy using the natural river flow, rather than reservoirs or water storage. This means that electricity is produced without reservoirs influencing the landscape and eco-system, and without the use of stored water causing problems to the water flow in the river system.

Photograph by: Rendalen Eidsiva Vannkraft AS


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