News and insights News RE100 – the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power

RE100 – the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power

RE100 is a global initiative of over 300 influential corporates committed to 100% renewable electricity. Businesses all over the world can join the RE100 initiative organised by The Climate Group and CDP. RE100 companies make a commitment to go ‘100% renewable’ and set a public goal to procure 100% of their electricity from renewable sources by a specified year, but their strategies vary in how they plan to reach their targets.

Written by Preben Munch
Published on 23 June 2020
Written by Preben Munch
Published on 06 June 2020

Some companies are in a position to take a long-term industrial approach and provide capital and resources to build new off-site generation. Others are looking for long-term price hedging and opt for signing PPAs from renewable power plants. Regardless of the chosen solution, Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) must be cancelled to document renewable consumption claims. For most companies buying unbundled EACs is the only available and accessible solution to reach renewable goals. Global EAC solutions for renewable claims are primarily; Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe, RECs in North America and International RECs (I-RECs) in a growing number of countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.Map September 2022 with legend-3

RE100 is working to massively increase demand for – and delivery of – renewable energy. More than 300 multinational businesses with combined revenue of US$6.6 trillion are now driving climate action on renewable power, electric transport, and smarter energy use in more than 140 markets worldwide. Collectively, they are creating demand for 281 terawatt hours per year in renewable electricity – enough to power a G20 country (e.g. Australia (247.6 TWh/yr).

The member companies disclose their environmental data annually through CDP and RE100. The emissions associated with purchased electricity are categorized as “Scope 2” in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. RE100 published a technical briefing, showing companies how to accurately describe their usage and procurement of renewable electricity.

RE100 members commit to renewable electricity in their own operations, but a chain reaction is expected as the RE100 members has started to push their ambitions further, raising the bar for their suppliers by encouraging them to set the same ambitious renewable targets.

Companies increasingly purchase renewable electricity to claim the use of zero-emissions electricity and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.

Ecohz works with ca 20% of RE100 companies committed to 100% renewable electricity and has developed a Supply Chain Portal that allows the companies to efficiently work renewables into their supply chain. Our expertise and 19 years of experience have attracted international corporate clients with sustainable goals, including BT, Tetra Pak, Signify, Carlsberg, H&M, KBN Bank, Unilever and many more.

Contact us for more information about renewable electricity procurement options adherent to good practices around the world or guidance on choosing, documenting and reporting.

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