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Carbon free travel to COP21 in Paris

A network of trains will arrive in Paris from Asia and across Europe, bringing official delegates and journalists to COP21. Trains departing from Beijing, Ulan Bator, Moscow, Berlin, Bonn, Rotterdam, Brussels, Milan & Lisbon will enjoy carbon-free travel. In fact, most of those trains will even contribute to producing new renewable energy thanks to an agreement between Ecohz and the International Union of Railways.

Written by Ecohz
Published on 30 November 2015
Written by Ecohz
Published on 11 November 2015

“We are delighted to support carbon-free travel to a United Nations COP meeting. The use of renewable energy is a key issues for our future. The UIC strategy for 2030 and 2050 aims at carbon-free railway operation in Europe and very-low carbon rail transport worldwide,” says Nick Craven from the International Union of Railways.

Ecohz has provided Guarantees of Origin (GO) to the Train to Paris project. In addition, Ecohz has delivered a GO2 solution that will unleash financing of new renewable energy production. Ecohz has provided the certificates to the International Union of Railways.

“We know that many people traveling to Paris really care about their carbon footprint. Choosing to travel by train is clearly more environmentally friendly than by air or private cars. Unfortunately a significant share of the electricity on the European grid comes from fossil fuels. So travelling by electric trains or electric cars is not clean unless you have a guarantee of origin,” says Ecohz’ CEO, Tom Lindberg.

“Our solution GO2 has the additional benefit of contributing to unleashing financing of new renewable energy sources. Hundreds of renewable energy projects are not realized because they lack top-financing, and we have established a mechanism to funnel funds through to new renewable energy production.”

“Our vision of the future is that individuals will demand to consume products and services that are clean from fossil fuels. The tools exist today and more and more leading companies adopt renewable energy solutions as part of their business strategy,” explains Lindberg.

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