Green Gas

Biomethane (green gas) is renewable gas created from biodegradable material that can be used in the same way as fossil natural gas. Green gas can be produced from a number of sources such as anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and synthetic gas (syngas) from the gasification of biomass. Biomethane is used as a direct substitute for natural gas in the national grids. Green Gas Certificates enable companies to make 100% renewable gas claims.

How it works

The interest and the demand for documented green gas is increasing in Europe. This has driven different initiatives for certification of biomethane injected to the natural gas grids on the Continent and in Great Britain. Currently certificates from the two British biomethane schemes – Green Gas Certificate Scheme (GGCS) issuing Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) and Biomethane Certificate Scheme (BMCS) issuing Biomethane Certificates (BMCs) seem to have gained the most market traction and ECOHZ is trading in both. UK is connected to the European gas grid, thus RGGOs and BMCs can also be used for renewable claims in continental Europe.

In the schemes each kWh of biomethane injected to the grid is labelled electronically with a unique identifier (certificate) known as a RGGO or a BMC. This identifier contains, for each kWh of gas, information about where, when and how it was produced. When consumers buy green gas, the certificate is their guarantee that the renewable claim to the gas is authentic and has not been sold to anyone else. To close the cycle and remove the given KWh of biomethane from further trading, the certificate is redeemed in its respective registry.

The recently established schemes enables the tracking of biomethane (green gas) from landfill gas and anaerobic digestion facilities that inject biomethane into the gas grid after it has been up-graded (cleaned of impurities).

Green Gas


RGGO and BMC are market-based instruments and an effective way to integrate renewable energy into a sustainability strategy. Biomethane is virtually carbon neutral and does not contribute to climate change. It enables companies to make 100% renewable gas claims and report lower Scope 1 emissions.


A Green Gas Certificate is a recognised Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) by GHG-P and CDP. Consumers can make 100% renewable gas claims and report reduced Scope 2 GHG emissions.

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