Webinar – The art of hedging: understanding Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

In an unpredictable energy market, PPA can provide stability and certainty to electricity consumers. However, how can you know if a PPA is right for your business, and when is the best time to do a PPA transaction?

This 30-minute webinar clarifies how PPAs work and explains what to look for when considering one for your organisation in the current energy climate. The following points are discussed:

  • What exactly is a PPA?
  • How PPAs deliver stable energy prices
  • Is a PPA right for my company?
  • The difference between a virtual and a physical PPA
  • A question of placement: what sectors stand to gain the most from PPAs?

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Preben Munch, Director Corporate Sales,  is the moderator of the webinar along with a PPA advisor.

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