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PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

For 17 years ECOHZ has been a leading company in the European Guarantees of Origin market. This position has provided us with unique insight into production and sales of renewable electricity, and with an extensive European network of renewable power producers and developers. ECOHZ is set to help existing and new clients navigate through the jungle of renewable producers, and help companies make the move from conventional power procurement to purchasing directly from a power producer, using a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA).


Through our extensive network of renewable producers, we will help clients select a shortlist of potential suppliers, and then arrange meetings with the most attractive ones. This to allow for a process where the client can make a thorough evaluation, and further pick the project or power plant best suited to the client’s needs.

Our network of renewable producers can offer all major renewable technologies such as wind, solar, hydro and bio and in all stages of completion, from project to operational power plants.


ECOHZ has an in-depth knowledge of the different European power markets. The client will be provided a thorough overview of how a specific market works and how various markets are connected to other European markets. We will describe the different price drivers in the power market, and provide current and future price analysis through partners, thus enabling the client to negotiate with different suppliers on a sound footing.

The client will be provided a list of the recommended legal experts on PPAs in the specific country, to provide clear guidance through the legal elements of the process.

When a PPA deal is completed, we will help the client tender and select a service provider to handle the acquired electricity.

ECOHZ can also provide management of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) to maximize the value of the renewable attributes generated from the project. EACs document all grid-connected renewable energy solutions including PPAs.

PPA services

  • Network of renewable producers interested in doing PPAs
  • Market insight and price analysis to help in the negotiations
  • A shortlist of recommended PPA legal experts
  • Tendering for service provider to handle the power
  • Sales and portfolio management renewable portfolio