EU Parliament hearing

On the 24th of September ECOHZ organised an open public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Hearing was hosted by MEP Claude Turmes, European Parliament Rapporteur for renewable energy.

MEP Turmes, MEP Fiona Hall, Tom Lindberg from ECOHZ and Pedro Faria from CDP discussed how Guarantees of Origin has developed into a mechanism important not only for disclosing information about the origin of renewable energy, but also as a tool that can alleviate the financing challenge many renewables projects are faced with in today‘s economic climate.

Nearly 60 parliamentarians, energy producers, NGO’s and regulators from across Europe gathered for a two hours green electricity talk.

The GO2 category was launched during our hearing in the EU Parliament. Since the launch, ECOHZ GO2 has been presented for numerous commercial players and stakeholder organizations.