November 2022

Webinar: Changes in the global renewable energy market

Renewables are in a state of flux. In 2022 the price of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) skyrocketed in Europe, while upcoming regulatory changes are expected to alter how companies consume renewable electricity. So, what is driving the market, and how can you be prepared for future shifts?

Electricity lines - SOME-3

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This 30-minute webinar touches on key points to understand the dynamics of EACs:

  • Soaring GOs: why is the price of Guarantees of Origin at record levels?
  • EU policy framework developments
  • Adjustments to the RE100 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol technical criteria
  • Beyond Europe: ripple effect on the global market
  • How EAC characteristics can influence consumer choices.

Energy Attribute Certificates

In the grid, renewable electricity is mixed with nuclear and fossil power. Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) allow businesses to track the origin of electricity, prove the consumption of renewables, and meet clean energy targets. 


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