July 2024

New procurement challenges in the I-REC market  

The market for renewable energy with International REC (I-REC) is constantly shifting. This is a webinar where we explain the latest in global procurement trends and policy around the world, as well as the opportunities and challenges that emerge with them.

I-REC webinar1

In this 30-minute session, Ecohz experts cover the most relevant developments in renewable energy markets beyond Europe and North America. They explain new policies that will impact corporate energy purchases and how to adapt using centralised and decentralised procurement strategies. 

On the agenda:

  • What are the latest changes in I-REC markets?
  • New regulations and how they will change the way companies buy renewables.
  • Developments in the price of I-RECs.
  • How to adapt your renewable energy procurement strategy to mitigate risk.

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Ross Pierson
Acting Managing Director, Ecohz Inc.

Adrien Mathys
Renewable Portfolio Manager

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