September 2023

Power Purchase Agreements: what comes after signing a PPA?

You found the right project, agreed on the best terms, and signed your new Power Purchase Agreement. But what challenges will you face post-signature? In this 30-minute webinar, we explain what to expect and how to manage your assets to squeeze the most benefits.

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Agreeing on the right conditions before signing a PPA is crucial for companies’ energy procurement strategy. However, most of the management challenges that PPAs entail only begin with the execution of the contract.

From reconciling forecasts with observed consumption to managing the inflow of certificates and reporting adequately, companies should be prepared for hurdles that may not be obvious at first glance. In this session, our advisors tell you what obstacles you are likely to encounter – and how to overcome them.

On the agenda:

  • PPA delivery: what are the main management challenges
  • Mastering the potentially complex flow of Energy Attribute Certificates.
  • Managing multiple PPAs – also across borders.
  • Matching production and consumption, and how to report in line with your net zero target. 

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Preben Munch
Senior Director Sales & Solutions

Nils Holta
Net Zero Advisor

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