June 2023

Webinar – Biogas unlocked: exploring Gas Purchase Agreements (GPA)

Biogas is moving to the fore of corporate energy priorities. Using renewable fuel can cut carbon emissions and help companies reduce costs. However, some questions remain. How can I purchase and document biogas? Is it possible to secure long-term procurement at affordable prices? 

Webinar GPA

In this 30-minute webinar, our advisors explain how companies can take advantage of novel Gas Purchase Agreements (GPAs) to substitute fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint while saving energy expenses.

Pierre-Etienne Pollez, Associate Director of Global Sustainability at BD Pharmaceutical Systems, will also join the discussion to share the company's experience searching for a GPA. 

On the agenda:

  • Why biogas – and what is biogas?

  • GPA vs PPA: the fundamental differences between buying gas and electricity

  • Is a GPA right for me? What to consider

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Speakers in the session

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Preben Munch
Senior Director Sales & Solutions

Nils Holta
Net Zero Advisor


Biogas is a direct substitute for natural gas in national grids. Biogas certificates enable companies to make 100% renewable fuel claims and integrate clean energy into sustainability strategies.

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