November 2022

Webinar: The rising trends in the global renewable energy market

This 30 minutes webinar with an update on the I-REC market. We presented renewable energy options available to companies around the globe, developments and trends in the I-REC market, and gave an overview of new countries made available for I-REC purchase.

Energy Attribute Certificates

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We provided a detailed visualisation of supply and demand in certain markets, discussed RE100 reporting guidelines, and gave an introduction to how you can reduce emissions in your supply chain with I-RECs.

International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs)

In countries outside of Europe and North America, International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) allow companies to credibly document renewable energy consumption. This global standard is a recognised tool to report greenhouse gas emissions reduction in a growing number of countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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