Solar power

Solar power

Solar power production converts sunlight into electricity. It is one of the fastest growing renewable technologies and is playing an increasingly important role in the future global electricity generation mix.

Buying Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) from solar power generation guarantees that the renewable energy consumed is from this source.

Solar power is complicated to produce, but easy to use. The latitude, season and time of day determine the amount of energy an installation can capture and generate. Clouds and solar-cell efficiency also influence productivity. Forecasts indicate that technology development will bring the cost of solar power generation further down.

Photovoltaics (PV) convert light directly into electricity. PV is a technology that has achieved grid parity in a number of markets, meaning the cost is the same as residential electricity.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) uses lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, which is then converted into electricity.

There is a growing number of large solar power installations. But today hundreds of thousands of decentralised small-scale systems on private and commercial rooftops make up the majority of the solar power generated.

Solar PV generation

In 2020, cumulative solar PV capacity reached almost 707 GW and generated over 730 TWh, representing around 3% of global power output (IEA).



Meet an environmental standard of your choice

Consume renewable energy meeting requirements of specific standards or ecolabels. Buy Guarantees of Origin from power plants that meet stricter environmental standards and are verified by an external auditor. Choose between national or international ecolabels and standards, document the age and type of the power plant, technology and unique operational focus, and raise funds for renewable energy projects.


International ecolabel for renewable electricity with strict criteria for environmental impact, and that directs funds to new renewable energy projects

Bra Miljöval

Swedish ecolabel with strict environmental criteria


German ecolabel for renewable electricity from new or upgraded power plants

TÜV Nord A75

A German ecolabel promoting energy from new power plants


German ecolabel for renewable electricity from new power plants, with a mix of technologies and fund allocation

Naturemade Star

Swiss ecolabel with strict environmental criteria

Green-e® Energy

Green-e is North America’s leading certification program for renewable energy.

Customise to fit your specific needs

Consume renewable energy with specific characteristics. ECOHZ provides access to a comprehensive portfolio of more than 200 power plants, located across five continents. This enables you to choose specific power plants with distinct characteristics, including choice of technology, location, age, size, and owner profile.