Naturemade Star

Naturemade Star

Naturemade Star is a Swiss privately initiated quality ecolabel for environmental and ecologically produced energy with a commitment to ecological improvements. For more than ten years, this ecolabel has been awarded to power plants following thorough inspection by the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE). WWF, Pro Natura and Konsumentenforum Schweiz support Naturemade Star.

Buying Guarantees of Origin with this ecolabel guarantees that the renewable energy adheres to the ecolabel’s requirements.

Focus areas

Electricity products eligible for Naturemade Star certification must meet the following criteria:

  • The energy for certification derives exclusively from plants which use renewable energy sources
  • No use of genetically modified organisms
  • Safeguarding of soil fertility and productivity
  • The generated electricity can be traced back to clearly described, identifiable sources (plants or third-party suppliers)
  • Maintaining and promoting the sustainable generation and efficient use of energy must be core parts of licensees’ corporate policy, with corporate policy on sustainability making explicit reference to the company as a whole
  • If the licensee of the energy generation plant to be certified employs more than 30 staff, it must establish a certified environmental management system (ISO 14000 or EMAS), or equivalent quality management system, within five years of the initial certification of its production
  • All technical, legal and other requirements for operating the plant that are necessary for generating electricity must be met
  • The producer uses an appropriate energy management system to safeguard its procedures and carries out appropriate measurement and monitoring activities
  • The environmental impact caused by audited plants must not exceed half of the impact of a modern combined-cycle gas-turbine power plant
  • Compliance with local and regional criteria must be verified as part of an expert audit conducted by accredited specialists

Read the complete list of requirements.

Certifying hydroelectric power plants requires additional criteria.

CHF 0.01 per sold KWh of Naturemade Star electricity is collected in a fund for ecological improvements. A committee, made up of power plant operators, local authorities and environmental organisations, allocates the funds. It has established several catchment areas for the re-naturalisation of power station.

Power plants that are Naturemade Star certified can be found in Norway, Switzerland, Germany and France.

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Meet an environmental standard of your choice

Consume renewable energy meeting requirements of specific standards or ecolabels. Buy Guarantees of Origin from power plants that meet stricter environmental standards and are verified by an external auditor. Choose between national or international ecolabels and standards, document the age and type of the power plant, technology and unique operational focus, and raise funds for renewable energy projects.


International ecolabel for renewable electricity with strict criteria for environmental impact, and that directs funds to new renewable energy projects


Swedish ecolabel with strict environmental criteria


German ecolabel for renewable electricity from new or upgraded power plants


A German ecolabel promoting energy from new power plants


German ecolabel for renewable electricity from new power plants, with a mix of technologies and fund allocation


Swiss ecolabel with strict environmental criteria


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Customise to fit your specific needs

Consume renewable energy with specific characteristics. ECOHZ provides access to a comprehensive portfolio of more than 200 power plants, located across five continents. This enables you to choose specific power plants with distinct characteristics, including choice of technology, location, age, size, and owner profile.

Custom choices


The producer is not involved in fossil power production.


Electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants in approved Norwegian salmon rivers.

Power plants


A hydropower plant in the southern part of Norway.


Electricity from bioenergy.