Tom Lindberg

Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: +47 90 74 42 60
LinkedIn: lindbergtom

“Changing energy behaviour is broad, ambitious and specific at the same time. For me it includes having a clear idea that change needs to come at many levels. This means that change is equally important on a global, geopolitical arena, as it is on a regional market and technology arena in Europe. I personally feel a strong commitment to forging ahead with everyday changes in energy behaviour both on a personal level, as well as for ECOHZ. I strongly believe that building profitable businesses go hand in hand with creating sustainable societies. A rapid shift to renewable energy is a key element in this transition.”

Tom is the Managing Director of ECOHZ. He has a broad international background and experience. He studied Business Administration in both Norway and the US, and has later enjoyed the diversity of international work and living in a number of countries in Europe and Asia. Tom spent 22 years working in a range of marketing and management positions in IT and telecom sector, before joining the renewable energy industry in 2008.