Career in ECOHZ

Want to start a career in renewable energy and work in the ECOHZ team?

ECOHZ is one of the world’s leading companies of renewable energy certificates and is trading a volume of 50 TWh annually.  The ECOHZ team is located in Oslo, Norway and Nyon, Switzerland and has an international and innovative work environment.

Joining the ECOHZ team means working for a company committed to changing energy behaviour. Renewable energy is our ticket to a more sustainable and energy-secure future. ECOHZ wants to be a game changer and is driving change with its renewable energy solutions.





ECOHZ offers global renewable energy solutions to businesses, organisations and electricity providers – providing access to renewable electricity from more than 400 power plants across 6 continents. ECOHZ works with ca 20% of RE100 companies committed to 100% renewable electricity and has developed a Supply Chain Portal that allows the companies to efficiently work renewables into their supply chain. Our expertise and 19 years of experience have attracted international corporate clients with sustainable goals, including BT, Tetra Pak, Signify, Carlsberg, H&M, KBN Bank, Unilever and many more. ECOHZ provides various impact solutions such as corporate PPA facilitation and long-term EAC contracts. Renewable electricity is documented with Guarantees of Origin, RECs, and International RECs (I-RECs). ECOHZ is among the leading independent suppliers and advisors in Europe and plays an active role in the current energy transition through its vision of “Changing Energy Behaviour”.

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