ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation

The ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation is an independent foundation governing GO2 and working to accelerate the construction of new renewable power plants.

The foundation contributes, through loans or other financing mechanisms, to renewable projects lacking top-financing. The loans constitute up to 15% of the total project costs, are based on commercial terms and are repaid by the renewable power plant to the foundation. The projects undergo technical and financial quality assurance, to ensure they are profitable and efficient investments.

The Foundation business model builds having the loans repaid as fast as possible. As the operational risk of a renewable energy projects is very low once the project is completed and has delivered power to the grid beyond the start – up period, the Foundation will seek to off-hand the loan to a third party lender. In doing so the Foundation will re-lend the funds to a new project and thus assure that over time the same funds are applied to finance multiple projects. This innovative model dramatically increases the impact and efficiency of the GOproduct and the mission of the Foundation made possible by ECOHZ’ customers.

International third party verification companies are contracted to complete 1) “audit and verification” of value chain and revenue flows, and 2) quality assurance of the selected project prospects, plans and construction processes.

Foundation board

The board consists of the following members:

Tom Lindberg

Tom Lindberg, Chairman of the board

Lindberg is the Managing Director of ECOHZ AS. He currently serves on the board of RECS International, and is also a member on the regional board of NHO (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise).

Line Riise Jensen, Board member

Line Riise Jensen is the Director Sourcing and Business Development of ECOHZ AS. She has broad international experience following ten years in various positions in the telecom sector, both in Norway and abroad. She joined ECOHZ and the renewable energy sector in 2008.

Erling Dalberg, Board member

Erling Dalberg is CEO of Troms Kraft Nett AS and part of the corporate management team in the Troms Kraft Group.  He has many years of experience as Board member of Ishavskraft AS, Nordic Green Energy AS, Troms Kraft Produksjon AS and ECOHZ AS.