GO² Signature

Finance your unique renewable project

GO2 Signature offers you an exclusive way to reduce your carbon footprint, show your sustainability commitment, and create value for society. With GO² Signature you consume and build new renewable energy simultaneously. You directly contribute to the building of a new, exclusive renewable energy project with your own signature. GO² Signature is an easy to access, low-risk, simple, high engagement and high-impact entry for companies wishing to become energy positive and help finance renewable energy projects. GO² Signature is scalable and can be tailored to your needs. With GO² Signature you will make a lasting difference.

How it works

GO² Signature bundles documented renewable energy consumption with a contribution to ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation that directly funds the building of new exclusive renewable energy projects. EUR 3.20 is directly allocated via the non-profit foundation to a suitable, named project.

GO² Signature builds on the new and innovative concept GO². It combines purchasing renewable energy documented with Guarantees of Origin (GOs) with top-financing of named renewable projects. With GO² you can buy Guarantees of Origin from a power plant of your choice and finance new renewable power plants.

GO² Signature is built on the following GO² principles

  • GO tracking and reporting: GO² is built on the European system of Guarantees of Origin (GO), ensuring proper tracking and reporting of the origin.
  • Top-financing: The GO² top-financing covers up to 15% of the total project costs and triggers a domino effect.
  • Delivering real increase: Any of the “mature” renewable technologies (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass) are eligible for GO² funding.
  • Allocation guarantee: The GO² solution will be based on a firm investment allocation guarantee.
  • Representation and reporting: The buyer of GO² must correctly represent and report the percentage/volume of GO² purchases relative to their total power consumption.
  • Multiplier effect: The ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation will provide top-financing to the projects using an attractive lending scheme. The lending scheme ensures payback of funds, creating a circular model with multiplier effect as the funds are reinvested in yet another project.


Support the building of new renewable capacity with your exclusive project. This will differentiate you.

ECOHZ identifies suitable new renewable energy projects that are ready to be built, but lack financing. ECOHZ works with customers and project owners to realise the project. The ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation ensures financing for the selected projects, and thanks to re-use of funds – the additionality impact grows exponentially.

GO² Signature has successfully proven additionality by enabling businesses to directly top-finance their exclusive new renewable energy projects in Europe. These projects were ready to be built, yet needed top-financing to be realised.

GO² Signature enables you to market specific power plants you have financed and create a direct link between your business and your exclusive renewable energy projects. You will drive the energy transition by building more new renewables today.

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Available GO² prospects

Hydro in Norway

Planned est. capacity: 3.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 9,200 MWh

Wind in Ireland

Planned est. capacity: 11.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 30,000 MWh

Bio in France

Planned est. capacity: 0.5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 4,000 MWh

Hydro in Norway

Planned est. capacity: 1.3 MW
Annual est. prod.: 4,700 MWh

Solar in Sweden

Planned est. capacity: 5 MW
Annual est. prod.: 5,800 MWh

Wind in Sweden

Planned est. capacity: 4 MW
Annual est. prod.: 10,500 GWh

Completed projects


A small hydro power plant on a 100-year old site in Norway.


Wind farm in Sweden with excellent location