H&M top-finances Tågeröd wind farm through ECOHZ GO²

A renewable energy project in Sweden, called Tågeröd, stalled because it lacked critical financing. Through ECOHZ GO², H&M top-financed Tågeröd and now the small-scale wind power plant in Sweden is being built to bring more renewable electricity to the grid.

The international fashion retailer H&M has committed to using 100% renewable energy, joining the RE100 network alongside the world’s most influential companies that have made the same commitment. To reach this goal, H&M buys International-RECs (I-RECs), RECs in North America, and Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and ECOHZ GO² in Europe. This documents that H&M’s stores, warehouses and offices use renewable electricity, and simultaneously brings more renewable electricity to the grid.


By buying ECOHZ GO², H&M top-financed a new small-scale wind power plant in Sweden, Tågeröd. This sends a very important signal to the market: companies want and need more electricity from renewable energy sources on the grid.

The windmills are being constructed

Waros has begun constructing the wind farm; trees have been felled, roads prepared, the turbines and rotors shipped from Amsterdam. 20 modules and four containers have reached Sweden and been transported to the construction site. To protect black grouse lekking in the area in April and May, the work had a break and the turbines will be mounted in the Autumn.



More information on Tågerød

Tågeröd is on the Swedish coast in Västra Götaland in the Tanum municipality.
Tågeröd has received a permit for 4 Wind Turbine Generators with a total height of 150 meteres.

Excellent location

Local wind was measured using two met masts between 2008 and 2012. The Tågeröd project is in an area carefully chosen as suitable for wind power by the municipality. Tågeröd is located in a forested and bare rock area close to the sea in the north west of the village Tanumshede.

In December 2017 Tågeröd wind farm in Sweden started to generate electricity, supplying clean power to the local grid.

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Energy source: Wind
Origin: Sweden
Planned installed capacity: 4 x 1.5 MW 
Annual estimated production:
16 – 18,000 MWh