GO Investment Confirmation

When you choose GO Investment Confirmation you get an electricity solution with Guarantees of Origin (GOs) documenting that the energy you use comes from 100% renewable energy sources. In addition, the energy producer confirms that the income from this sale will be reinvested into renewable energy projects. This enables a basic level of additionality. GO Investment Confirmation is the right solution for energy consumers who wish to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and contribute towards creating additional renewable energy capacity.

How it works

When a power producer generates 1 MWh from a specific renewable power plant, one Guarantee of Origin (GO) is issued. The Guarantees of Origin document that the energy you consume comes from renewable energy sources. GO Investment Confirmation attests that the Guarantees of Origin are selected from power producers with ongoing capital investment programmes. These programmes are supported financially by the income from the sales of Guarantees of Origin. The energy producer invests a net amount of EUR 0.01 per kWh or EUR 10 per MWh sold. The sale and the investment have to be in the same year.

The programmes either help construct or expand new renewable power plants or refurbish existing power plants to create more renewable energy production. Alternatively, they are projects that relate to renewable energy or ecological measures in the context of renewables. ECOHZ documents and communicates the power producers’ investments, including audited annual reports, licence applications, construction reports and so on.


The buyer of GO Investment Confirmation helps create more renewable energy production by the power producer returning the income, made from selling Guarantees of Origin, into renewable energy projects.

ECOHZ’ Investment Confirmation is based on 100% renewable energy sources like hydropower, wind power and solar power.