Wind power


El-certificates are a financial support scheme to increase renewable energy production in Norway and Sweden. All electricity suppliers and consumers must buy el-certificates for a specified quota of electricity sold to end-consumers.

How it works

El-certificates are electronic certificates issued to document the right for support. When the quota obligation is fulfilled, the el-certificates are cancelled, providing the relevant documentation. The result is that the support electricity suppliers provide to new production from renewable energy sources is directly related to their electricity sales to end-consumers. El-certificates are market-based and the price is set by supply and demand.

ECOHZ provides services to handle both el-certificates and Guarantees of Origin for producers and suppliers. Our short and long-term partnerships give cost-effective solutions for the administration and trading of el-certificates.

The power producers

Power producers want the best possible value for their el-certificates. To ensure this, they can sell their eI-certificates to ECOHZ, which means a quick, cost-effective and efficient sale. ECOHZ also handles all the administration and sales services around this process.

For the power producers this means that they

  1. Can sell their el-certificates as soon as they are issued, guaranteeing the market price
  2. Can sell their el-certificates to a Norwegian counter party
  3. Can sell their el-certificates in Norwegian currency
  4. Can work with ECOHZ to develop a sales strategy

ECOHZ handles the el-certificate administration, reporting and the settlement for the power producer. The settlement happens on the same day the el-certificates are issued. The quick and efficient settlement is helpful for the producer’s production figures, liquidity and cost of capital.

Electricity suppliers

ECOHZ can provide electricity suppliers with el-certificates and services to fulfil their obligatory annual support quota. Electricity suppliers in Norway and Sweden can buy eI-certificates in advance to fix the cost to the end-consumer. ECOHZ handles the volume risk and the administration.


ECOHZ issues monthly a report on the price of eI-certificates and volumes, as well as a market analysis. Norwegian power producers generated 2.8 TWh eI-certificates in 2015, an increase of 80% compared to 2014. In Sweden, the increase was 26%, with 21.7 TWh el-certificates being issued.

The el-certificate market has successfully delivered low-cost renewable electricity for consumers. 


Norway and Sweden have agreed to increase renewable electricity production by 28.4 TWh by 2020, and introduced a common eI-certificate market on 1 January 2012. The Norwegian Parliament introduced the EI-certificate system to ensure consumers contribute financially to the building of 13.4 TWh/year renewable energy production by 2020. The system builds on the regulations in the el-certificate law in Norway.