Tom Lindberg explains why he is currently optimistic about the Guarantees of Origin (GO) market in AIB’s newsletter

Revitalizing the Open Markets Committee

In this interview, Lars Olav Fosse, Statnet and the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) Board, interviews Tom Lindberg, Managing Director at ECOHZ, about the forthcoming Open Markets Committee meeting (OMC). The OMC is the annual meeting between the AIB and the Guarantee of Origin (GO) market parties, and their representative association, RECS International. It is essential that the AIB registries speak with market participants like ECHOZ: The AIB and market participants have different roles, but the same vision.

Tom Lindberg explains why he is currently optimistic about the Guarantee of Origin (GO) market. Among other reasons, the volumes are larger, the market is more robust, so you do not see sudden changes in price. In addition, there is better demand and supply balance, and the entrance or exit of one or two countries does not have the same impact on the market as it did before. This analysis leads Tom to discuss how different national implementations can affect the market and competitiveness. And also how important it is for RECS and the AIB to have a positive working relationship and should unify their messages to the European Commission on the new Renewable Energy Directive.

“The market has reached a first level of maturity,” says Tom Lindberg, Managing Director at ECOHZ.

Read the full interview to understand how these factors will affect the Guarantee of Origin market, future developments within auditing standards, why customers are demanding details in the GOs they purchase, and both what a pessimistic and optimistic view of the future of the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) GO market entails.