Solar electricity for off-grid village in Togo through EKOenergy’s Climate Fund

ECOHZ’ Christmas gift 2017 to customers and partners is a donation to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund to build a smart solar kiosk in Togo.

A smart solar kiosk is a construction with solar panels which are centrally located in villages without electricity supply. The overall aim of solar kiosks is to diminish rural poverty by providing electricity for locals to establish small business operations.

The smart solar kiosk in the village of Wuteble in Togo consists of a few solar panels, a battery and electric wires going to nearby houses. Users linked to the system prepay the electricity with their mobile phones.

With a power of 220V, the villagers can now do many more activities, such as studying and working, even after sunset.


The system is designed by the Belgian non-profit organisation Solar without Borders in cooperation with their Togolese partner. Today Solar without Borders has a waiting list including more than 40 requests from Togo and has started to roll out the project on a bigger scale, inspired by the first successes.

EKOenergy‘s Climate Fund finances renewable energy projects in developing countries.  The Smart solar kiosk project is one of the nine projects financed this year.