Maria Eri Sørbye joins ECOHZ with passion and renewable insights

ECOHZ works with more than 20% of all RE100 companies committed to 100% renewable electricity. Corporate clients including BT, Tetra Pak, Signify, Carlsberg, H&M, KBN Bank, and Unilever are working with ECOHZ to reach their sustainability target.

What experience will you bring to the ECOHZ team?

I have recently completed my studies and stepped into this exciting position as an Insights Manager at ECOHZ. I bring with me theoretical knowledge about the renewables sector, and I am looking forward to getting hands-on experience with real market movements in the renewable energy market. I graduated from my master’s degree in renewable energy at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences this summer. This is an interdisciplinary degree that has given me a lot of knowledge about sustainable resource management, renewable energy project procurement and the development of the renewable energy market. The latter is what interests me the most and is why I wrote my thesis about the European Green Deal and how the policy changes may affect the European and Norwegian energy market in a net-zero society. Previously, I have worked at the distribution system operator in Oslo, and therefore bring with me knowledge about the distribution side of the electricity sector.

How European Green Deal may affect Norway and Norway’s role in EU’s net-zero society

My thesis is a scenario-based energy market analysis, conducted using a bottom-up energy system model, focusing on the electricity and heat sector. The aim was to get an impression of how the European Green Deal could affect the composition of the European and Norwegian energy market in 2030, in a net-zero society in 2050, and what Norway’s role in this energy market would be. I have combined using a qualitative method for analyzing the contents of the European Green Deal, with a quantitative method to do an estimation of the demand in the transport sector, construction sector, households and energy-intensive industries.

The results showed an electricity production mix in Europe that was dominated by solar and offshore and onshore wind power. Further, the policies of the European Green Deal showed to not have as high an impact on the Norwegian energy market as on the European one. The main implication for Norway, however, was an increase in power price volatility as a result of more interconnections to the neighboring countries. Additionally, the results showed that Norway will play a bigger role as a supplier of hydrogen and electricity to Europe as a result of the increasing demand on the continent.

“In our quest to provide tailored advice and solutions to our partners and clients, Maria brings passion, attitude and a pool of valuable knowledge to the ECOHZ team”

Tom Lindberg, Managing Director

Tell us more about yourself

I am from Norway’s oldest city, Tønsberg, and have lived in Berlin for four years as I did my bachelor’s degree there. Now located in Oslo, I really enjoy what the city has to offer, both in the nature and the cultural scene in the city. With Oslo being a city close to the sea, I like to explore the many swimming possibilities around. I have also recently taken up a favorite hobby of mine, Crossfit!

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