LEED Certified Green Shopping Center in St. Petersburg

ECOHZ is proud to have delivered EKOenergy as a part of LEED certification of Pearl Plaza shopping and entertainment center in St. Petersburg. The Pearl Plaza center is the first LEED certified, silver-rated, shopping center in Russia and one of the first buildings of its kind in Russia to achieve a LEED certification.

“It is great to see a shopping center take responsibility and use renewable energy to reduce their CO2 emissions. By buying EKOenergy-labelled electricity, they are going beyond the regulations in the European Directives, and they have become a model for other shopping centers and buildings to be green” says Janne Svendsen Moe, ECOHZ.

To become LEED certified, companies collect points. Green power is one of the energy criteria. Pearl Plaza has bought EKOenergy certified renewable energy, documented with Guarantees of Origin. In 2014, Pearl Plaza Shopping Center earned the Silver level in the LEED rating system Building Design + Construction.

Several sustainable features implemented, including an extensive Building Automation Systems covering lighting, heating and ventilation, have contributed in delivering a very efficient building, according to LEED Energy Performance.

The shopping center is a cornerstone of the new neighbourhood Baltic Pearl, a mixed-use development of 200 hectares, 1,76 million m2 and 35 000 future residents. Pearl Plaza Shopping Center consists of four floors above ground and an underground parking. The total gross area of 96,000 m2 includes a hypermarket, shops, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment zones. Pearl Plaza is a joint investment project of the Finnish construction and development company SRV and the Chinese Shanghai Industrial Investment Company.

The LEED certification process is a holistic evaluation of the project, taking into account the quality of its design, the building site and the construction and users’ foreseeable behaviour.

Water and energy consumption are two measurable indicators of a building’s impact on the ecosystem. The following accomplishments were evaluated by the LEED CS certification, and achieved through design features and energy simulation:

  1. 28%reduction of water use. This is equivalent to saving 1.3 Olympic-size swimming pools of water per year.
  2. 18%reduction of energy consumption. This is equivalent to saving almost EUR 400,000 per year.


Photos copyright: Pearl Plaza Shopping Center