EKOenergy: Interview with Steven Vanholme

This is what EKOenergy’s spokesperson Steven Vanholme says about the EKOenergy launch:

Why is EKOenergy launched?

EKOenergy exists because there is a demand from the consumer side. Most of the green consumers want to make a difference, but not everybody has time to check if his or her choice really changes something. For these consumers we introduce EKOenergy. We will make sure there is value added.

There is also a clear demand for an ecolabel from the side of the environmental organizations. Many of them are willing to promote renewable electricity, but they are only willing to do so if they are sure that it is helpful for the environment. A label can give them that guarantee.

What are the main goals for EKOenergy in 2013-2014?

EKOenergy is not only the name of a label. It is also the name of a network of environmental organizations willing to promote the use of green electricity. In the coming period, we want to strengthen the network, and to increase the sales of EKOenergy.

Of course, this is not the goal by itself, but a tool to reach our main objectives: increase consumers’ confidence, increase the demand for green electricity and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The green electricity market is already generating an extra income for owners of green electricity installations. But it should be possible to get more out of it. We are convinced that for some types of green electricity, the market can become a driver for new investments.

What does “changing energy behavior” mean to you?

It means using green electricity. And using less of it. I am dreaming of a world where increasing energy prices are combined with decreasing total energy costs.