Green Motion: Agreement with Swiss e-mobility charging manufacturer

Green Motion, a leading Swiss manufacturer of charging equipment for electrical vehicles, has signed an agreement with ECOHZ. All charging stations from Green Motion will as of now be sold with Guarantees of Origin from ECOHZ corresponding to the chargers potential consumption of electricity, thus guaranteeing that all Green Motion customers deliver renewable power through their charging equipment.

The pan European Guarantees of Origin system is a voluntary system introduced in 2002 for tracking the origin of power production. Its current form is grounded on the EU Renewable Energy Directive EC 2009/28.  The member countries, plus Switzerland and Norway, implement the directive into national law, thus making it the official legally binding means for documenting the origin of (renewable) power consumption in Europe.

François Randin, CEO of Green Motion says: “The source of the power being a sensitive topic in the field of electric mobility, I wanted our company to take responsibility as a provider of charging infrastructure using the Norwegian company ECOHZ, European leader in the field of Guarantees of Origin, to assure and document the origin of the power delivered”.