GO² – impact and contribution to the 2020 objectives

The Impact

Establishing GO2 as a new market category will have a positive effect beyond the described value-creation for the businesses themselves. It will lead to:

  • An improved and relevant market-based support mechanism – not replacing, but complementing existing national support schemes
  • Further vitalization of the market place for renewable energy
  • A viable framework for post-2020 renewable policy
  • Increased value of existing renewable energy documented with GO
  • Additional incentive for project developers

Below we have illustrated that even a small number of companies signing agreements to purchase ECOHZ GO² can yield large results in terms of long term supply of new electricity generation.


  • Four (4) medium companies – with electricity consumption of 50 GWh – buys ECOHZ GO² in 2015, increasing to 36 companies in 2020. Agreement duration 3 years.
  • Annual cost per company EUR 200,000
  • All new production that will be built expects to deliver electricity to the grid in 40 years.

GO2 impact

Accumulated new renewable production over 40 years is 20.7 TWh (will be enough to finance renewable energy production equivalent to a coal-fired power plant of 200 MW).

The renewable power plant replacing coal-fired electricity production (example above) will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 9 million tons (20% of the annual Norwegian CO2 emissions) and contribute to EUs 2020 emission targets.