EKOenergy for the world – EKOenergy for India with the Climate Fund

EKOenergy is the international ecolabel for renewable energy. One of the characteristic elements of EKOenergy is the Climate Fund. For every MWh of ecolabelled EKOenergy purchased, €0.10 or more is paid into the Climate Fund. These contributions are used to finance renewable energy projects in regions of the developing world facing significant energy poverty. Experienced organisations with strong local partners are in charge of the projects and all of the projects address several Sustainable Development Goals.

ECOHZ  is helping a growing number of international companies consume EKOenergy. This has helped the Climate Fund grow, allowing more projects to be financed. One such project, completed very recently, was a rural electrification project in India.

Six off-grid villages in India with solar power from the Climate Fund

Last year, EKOenergy donated €17,000 to the Community Led Electrification Program, run by the Indian NGO Gram Vikas. The program focused on rural electrification in the Kalahandi district in Odisha, India and is a part of Gram Vikas’ ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty in rural Odisha.


Photos: Ajaya Behera, Gram Vikas

Through this program, 120 families in six off-grid villages received home lighting kits. The kits contained LED bulbs, a battery, a solar panel and a charge controller for mobile charging, and twelve young villagers were given training in maintenance. To ensure the involvement of local communities, Gram Vikas asked for a 10% contribution from the community during the project development phase. This could be in the form of labour, such as the collection of local materials. The households benefiting from the program also make predefined monthly contributions, which are set at monthly village committee meetings.

This project provide safe and sustainable lighting to many families who previously did not have it. This great work, and many projects like it, is made possible by those who buy EKOenergy. EKOenergy financed the first projects in 2015 and have since then financed 36 projects. A wide range of projects can be accepted for funding under the Climate Fund, in cooperation with suppliers or corporate consumers.

Interested in combining sourcing of renewable energy with support for renewable energy projects in disadvantaged regions? Contact Birgit Scholtholt for information and offers.