ECOHZ presenting GO² at the International Railway Conference

The International Union of Railways (UIC) will in a report which is expected to be presented this fall, recommend that Guarantees of Origin can be used by the railway companies in reporting and as an instrument to reduce emissions of CO2. Presentation of the GO² concept was well received and the product can become an important instrument in building new renewable resources and replacing fossil and nuclear production.

The UIC Energy Efficiency Days took place in Antwerp June 16-19 and with more than 300 participants from 25 countries. The main theme was energy efficiency, and ECOHZ hosted a half-day work shop on tracking of electricity and Guarantees of Origin.

Preben Munch from ECOHZ presented how the new product GO² can document use of renewable electricity and at the same time create new production. Pedro Faria from CDP, Jared Braslawsky from RECS International and Mary Sotos from Greenhouse Gas Protocol altso gave their insights.