ECOHZ becomes first business partner in neighbourhood power-sharing program

ECOHZ is now the first business customer of the solar energy company Otovo, which delivers locally produced renewable energy in Norway.

The Norwegian startup Otovo brought its “Neighbourhood Power” concept to the market last fall. This product guarantees that the electricity a household uses is 100% renewable and local. For the first time, Otovo is inviting businesses to become customers – ECOHZ is their first business client.

Important partnership

Otovo began installing solar panels on Norwegian rooftops in January 2016. Any excess electricity generated by customers’ panels can be freely sold back to the grid – and the Neighborhood Power program guarantees that Otovo’s customers are consuming the excess renewable electricity. To document the electricity distributed through Otovo’s network, the company is purchasing Guarantees of Origin from ECOHZ.

“ECOHZ provides renewable energy to leading companies throughout the world. We are a newly established company focused on local, solar PV electricity, so this is an important step for us. ECOHZ sees international trends emerging in international markets that have not made their way to Norway yet, which makes this a valuable partnership for us,” says Andreas Thorsheim, managing director of Otovo.

“We are very excited to work with a company like Otovo that sees new opportunities in the electricity market and is putting clean, Norwegian electricity at the top of the agenda,” says Tom Lindberg, Managing Director of ECOHZ.




Neighbourhood Power was previously only available to private customers, but is now also available to business customers as of May, 2017.

Large changes in the market

Andreas Thorsheim is convinced that large changes are about to take place in the business market, particularly regarding companies’ awareness of their energy use.

“It is a myth that all the electricity we use in Norway is clean. Therefore it will become more important to document where the electricity comes from. Internationally we see increased awareness among global companies, especially from those that manufacture consumer products. These companies want to make a difference and minimise their global impact on the earth’s resources. Within the next 10-15 years, all Norwegian companies will be expected to document the origin of their energy,” says Thorsheim.

Otovo has ambitions to become a serious challenger of the established power companies in Norway.

“We guarantee that all the electricity we are delivering is renewable and local. We can document this through the Guarantees of Origin we have purchased from ECOHZ,” says Thorsheim.